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Recent Junior Promotion At the Samurai Karate Academy the competition is with oneself, not with others.  Our goal is that each day when you leave, you are a little better than when you came.  We provide you with the program, supervision, and atmosphere that will allow you to realize your full potential for growth and achievement. Stone Breaking

Our senior instructor is Japanese trained and graded Shihan Ian Harris, 5th Degree black belt.  He has over 48 years experience as a practitioner and teacher of the martial arts of Japan.  He holds the following ranks: 5th Degree black belts in both World Seido Karate and in Mas Oyama's Kyokushinkai (he has studied on two occasions in Japan under the late Master Oyama); 2nd Degree black belts in three major world Judo associations.  He also holds a 1st Degree black belt ranking in Ju-Jitsu and teaches Iai-do. 


Shihan Harris is one of the most qualified international martial arts instructors in the northwest, having taught in Northern Ireland, England, Portugal, South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), and Mozambique.  He has also taught military and police forces overseas.  His instruction and that of his staff is of the highest caliber.  His head instructors are Sempai David Dahlberg - 4th degree black belt, Sempai Curtis Yunker - 3rd degree black belt.


Please do not take our word for it. 

You are welcome to come and observe a class and take an introductory lesson at no obligation or cost.




Shihan Ian Harris
5th Degree Black Belt Seido Karate & Kyokushinkai Karate
2nd Degree Black Belt Amateur Judo Association of Great Britain
2nd Degree Black Belt RJA and SANAJA of South Africa
1st Degree Black Belt Ju-Jitsu, SANAJA of South Africa

Senpai Dave Dahlberg
4th Degree Black Belt Seido Karate
4th Kyu - Judo
5th Kyu - Iaido

Senpai Curtis Yunker
3rd Degree Black Belt Seido Karate
4th Kyu - Judo
5th Kyu - Iaido

Senpai Claes Bavik
2nd Degree Black Belt Seido Karate

Senpai William Young
2nd Degree Black Belt
Seido Karate

Africa (1978)
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